Rolling Stones Exhibition in London will be Closed on August, 27

The Rolling Stones band decided to mark their 50th anniversary by creating a special exhibition which opened on the 13th of July (2012) at Somerset House, London. This is more than just an ordinary exhibition because it covers the half of the century. It is full of never-seen-before backstage photos and other interesting things. It is really great event for Rolling Stones fans, old and young.

Rolling Stones Exhibition


The London’s exhibition covers the entire career of Mick Jagger and the folk from the very beginning: how the wrote music, how they recorded album and how they toured. During 50 years the Rolling Stones band produced 60 albums (studio and live) and recorded over 100 singles. The exhibition exposes 70 prints of the band: contact sheets, studio sessions, outtakes and reportage photography.

Every visitor of the Rolling Stones exhibition in London will have a rare chance to see different types of photos which document the growth of the band. There are lots of photos taken at small blues pubs and large stadium and the majority of which are photos which were not publicly displayed before.

Finally, the exhibition is FREE! So you can buy a ticket to London and see the history of the Rolling Stones band with your own eyes.

Mick and Keith take a tour of The Rolling Stones: 50 (Video)

Early History of the Rolling Stones Band

The early history of the band began in 1950, when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were childhood friends. They both went to the same school in Dartford. Later their families moved apart and they entered different educational institutions. Richards was studying at Sidcup Art College and Jagger at London School of Economics.

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They met each other at the railway station, when both were heading to classes. Both Richards and Jagger were extremely exited to meet each other. They found out that the same things interested them, namely music of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.

Pretty soon they formed a band “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys” together with Dick Taylor. That was a blues band. In 1962 the rhythm-guitarist Brian Jones and Ian Stewart (keyboards) joined the band and the band changed its name to “The Rolling Stones”. It was difficult for them to find a suitable drummer and lots of different people were playing drums at live performances at first. The band gave its first concert on the 12th of July in 1962 in the Marquee club.

Jones and Jagger created a really unique and interesting music style. Jones was a great fan of blues and he tried to play blues, while as Jagger and Richards were adding rock and roll notes to their music. This extraordinary mixture of different styles had brought wide popularity to the band.

“Come On” Chuck Berry’s song was their first single released in 1963.