Chubby Checker – 10 Quick Life Facts

One of the legendary rock music artists and inventor of the famous “Twist Dance Style” is Chubby Checker. The hit cover of 60s “The Twist” and the popular “Twist Dance Style” got Chucker with immense fame in the rock music world. Chubby is the one who got Limbo rock, with the trademark Limbo Dance, the immense fame at global fron

Chubby Checker
Here is an brief insight to some interesting and maybe unknown facts of this life

  1. The real name of Chubby Checker was Ernest Evans but he changed it to Chubby Checker before making an entry to rock music world.
  2. The artist was born in South Carolina’s Spring Gulley.
  3. Chubby Checker’s debut hit ‘The Twist’ got listed in the ‘Hot 100 Most Famous Singles’ by Billboard.
  4. Chubby Checker is the only artist who has got nine double sided hits on his name
  5. He is not only a great singer but also a legendary song-writer.
  6. Chubby’s father was a tobacco farmer
  7. Chucker faced a hard childhood. He worked in a butcher’s shop when he was a child. He had also done works like selling ice and shining shoes as a kid.
  8. Chubby was the nick name Chucker got when he was a kid and used to work in a store. The nick name was provided due to the heavy body build up he had.
  9. Chubby started his singing career as a performer on streets and church.
  10. “The Twist” and the “Twist Dance Style” are still considered the benchmark of Chucker’s life which provided him the fame & success, one can only dream of.

Influence of Rock Music on Young People

Beneath the speculative misconceptions associated with the rock music, lies the truth. Many people in society of different age groups disagree the fact that rock music is attached to any positive influences that can outweigh its negatives. This can be the public opinion because due to lack of right knowledge most the people judge the influence of rock music without understanding the facts associated with it.

Child Punk

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Many blame it for the darkness that exists in the society due the shades of grey that it presents. In fact, it leads society away from darkness. It carries numerous positive influences which are not visible at a swift glance. Rock music in the longer run has not only showcased its positive influences on individuals but on time and society altogether. The positive influence of rock music can be derived from the messages that are conveyed by it. Like, suicide is one of the problems that society needs to deal with and teenagers are more prone towards it.

After receiving overwhelming amount of suicidal letters from teenagers, Good Charlotte band released an anti-suicidal song – Hold On. The embracing of the concept by many teens may have saved many lives. Rock music is the music of the teen generation and any positive message conveyed through it is understood by thousands of teenagers. Many draw motivation from these songs. Rock music has opened various issues and ideas ranging from different segments of society which may have remained overlooked otherwise. Hence, certainly there are some positive aspects of rock music.

Is 80s era of Great Rock Music making a Come – Back?

Whether you are a huge Rock Music hardcore fan or not but this question is going to amaze you. Is 80s era of Great Rock Music really making a return? Is it actually coming back to today’s our era? Well it is coming or not but yes truly the golden 80s era is always our favorite. The glorious 80s Pop Culture Box is still the best thing to go for. But there might be some who will say, ‘Has the 80s era ever left us?’. Who can forget the legendary Punk & the Post Punk? The hard rock 80s music along with the emerging glam metal sub-genre not only soothes one’s inner souls but also brought out the fun element in the environment.

Well discussing about 80s rock music is never going to end. But the question here is the current scenario. Many of the 80s famous music elements have been re-pimped as well as re-packaged by artists today. There-packaged ones have got the same popularity like old ones. Well for me that only proves that people are eager for the legendary 80s rock music. Secondly due to the huge successes of these re-packages many artists are also taking 80s rock music, tones and methods as inspiration for their music.

In either way it do turn out to me like 80s era of rock music is ready to make a huge come – Back. Well that is my and other 80s rock music hardcore fans point of views who will always wait for 80s rock music with great ease.

No Doubt to Rock at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles

Couple of days ago the official website of the No Doubt band published the news that the band is going to perform in Los Angeles. They have planned to hit the stage on every other day beginning on the 24th of November and until the 4th of December. So there going to be 6 concerts there.
No Doubt Band Photo
There is the schedule:
11/24 – Saturday
11/26 – Monday
11/28 – Wednesday
11/30 – Friday
12/2 – Sunday
12/4 – Tuesday

The Gibson can seat up to 6,189 people for concerts. It was built as outdoor stage to be opened in summer for Jesus Christ Superstar show. In 1982 it was rebuilt and converted into a indoor amphitheatre with improved acoustics.
The tickets presale starts tomorrow (September 6th) for ND2012 Club and the cost of the ticket is $115 with no additional fees.