The Beatles Story – Museum in Liverpool

The Beatles Story is a museum located in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Fab Four. The place attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Those are hungry for music, life and atmosphere of the Beatles era people.

The Beatles Story

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I decided to mention the most important things about The Beatles Story for those you might be willing to go there. I am also adding a video review of the place, so you can make sure it is really worth it spending time there.

The museums grows in size all the time, so it still might be a good idea to revisit it if you were there a year ago last time.

The place is open seven days a week; it is not available for only two days, on the 25th and 26th of December. Audio guides are available in 6 languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and even Russian. These guides are narrated by Julia, John Lennon’s sister.

Among other Beatles related things, John’s famous round spectacles and George’s first ever guitar are considered to be key highlights to enjoy. ‘Beatles Hidden Gallery’ is another cool place to see, it expose rare and previously unseen photos of the band.

The Beatles Story too has a good place for children, interactive Discovery Zone. Actually, they made the place perfect for your family and schools. Needless to say, tickets are quite cheap. Adult ticket costs only £11.95, but if you got there by car, you will have to pay for parking.
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Shame of me, I have never been to The Beatles Story, but if you are one of those who were more lucky than I am, feel free to share your impressions and tell me if the place is really as cool as they write about it all over the Web.

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