The Catholic League Attacked David Bowie’s clip “The Next Day”

David Bowie’s latest video “The Next Day” has certainly drawn much popularity from catholic league. Bowie was called “switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London” who is “nothing if not confused about religion” by the catholic league in a statement issued just after an hour of the video upload. “The Next Day” which is directed by Floria Sigusmundi and penned by Bowie, is the title track from his 24th studio effort.

David Bowie

The Next Day video shows that the homeless were punched by a priest (played by Gary Oldman). Bowie is singing from stage and is wearing clothes as Jesus along with a misty nightclub of priests and poorly dressed women with the female lead played by Marion Cotillard.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue criticized this effort of Bowie greatly and publicly told that he believes Bowie is confused about the religion. According to Billboard, YouTube had also removed this clip for allegedly violating terms of service but then had to return quickly after the site determined it had made an error.

This is not the first time that Bowie and catholic league have come face to face. In 1997 when Bowie depicted himself as Jesus for a promotional Ad in Pulse Magazine, he was called out by the League. Thus the encounter on Bowie by the league has a history as well.

Catholic league has attacked many other artists as well like Lady Gaga recently for using words which didn’t suit the Catholic League like “Judas”.

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