The First Album of the Rush Band

First Album Rush T ShirtIt has become common to name the first album of the band exactly the same as the band is called. The Rush band was not unique in that way having called their first studio album ‘Rush’.

It was in 1974 and then re-mastered in 1997. Even though Rush is a Canadian band, there was lots of heavy metal in their music which was more typical for British band of those times. One can hear lots of influences of Led Zeppelin and Cream in the songs of the first album, which is not surprising. Guys were big fans of them, so naturally were influenced.

John Rutsey, the drummer, recorded the album but was not able to perform at live concerts during the tour, because of diabetes. He left the band shortly after the album’s release. Rutsey too wrote some lyrics for the band, but he had never shown it to others. It was Neil Peart who replaced him at the drummer’s position in the band.

‘Rush’ was a self-released album. To do that the band formed their own company and recorded it at their own studio called Moon Records. They pressed only 3 500 copies of the album. “Working Man’ song was added to a regular play list by local radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. People called to the radio station office and asked where they can purchase the record every time the song was playing.

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Rush Working Man with Their Original Drummer John Rutsey (1974 Live)!

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