The Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound

The reason why I have decided to write about the Grateful Dead band is their clothing items became a so-called bestsellers of the past week. So why not to recollect this cool band now?

We all not know the band’s musicians were real professionals and naturally they cared a lot about the sound they produced during live performances. They put much effort into their sound, but were rarely satisfied with it.

The Wall of Sound is a huge PA (public address) system which was created specifically for the Grateful Dead band by “Bear” (Owsley Stanley). Besides sound engineering, he was too engaged in LSD supplying.

The history is speechless about the quality of his drugs, but his sound systems were too delicate, which often resulted in technical breakdowns during live performances. In 1970 Owsley Stanley went to jail (for manufacturing drugs, not for producing low quality systems ) and the band was forced to try other house PAs, which appeared to be even worth.

Finally in the year 1971 the Grateful Dead band bought the first good sound system from Alembic Inc Studio and invited Dan Healy to be their sound engineer. He would be the band’s favorite till 1993. Actually it was Dan who helped Stanly to work under the Wall of Sound and him to pioneer in rock sound system innovation.

P.S.: Including a live performance video recorded in 1987.

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