The New York Dolls Band’s Bio in a Nutshell

New York Dolls was formed in 1967. This hard rock band has New York roots. Their sound and visual style made a great influence on many glam rock bands in 80s. Today the band consists of five members: David Johansen (lead vocals), Brian Delaney (drums), Kenny Aaronson (bass guitar), Earl Slick (guitar) and Sylvain Sylvain who plays a guitar, bass and piano. The former members of the band are: Arthur Kane, Johnny Thunders, Billy Murcia, Rick Rivets, Jerry Nolan, Peter Jordan, Blackie Lawless, Chris Robinson, Tony Machine, Bobby Blaine, Steve Conte, Gary Powell, Sami Yaffa, Brian Koonin, Frank Infante, Jason Hill, Jason Sutter.

New York Dolls

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New York Dolls in 1973

The band recorded 4 demo albums, 5 studio albums, 6 live albums, 17 compilation albums and 7 singles from 1972 to 2006. In 1975 the process of break up began, when Thunders and Nolan left the band during Florida tour. The band’s line up underwent some changes, but in 1977 they were giving their final performances.

The band reunited in 2004 due to Morrissey who was a big fan of New York Dolls. It was him to reorganize the three remaining members together who performed at Meltdown Festival (London) that year. After the reunion the band recorded a Live EP and a DVD on ‘Attack’ label which belongs to Morrissey. The band also released a film ‘New York Doll’ which depicts Kate’s point of view on the band’s reunion.

On the 13th of July in 2004 Kate die of leukemia. The two survived members research for new members to tour and record new material.

Bonus video New York Dolls – Personality Crisis (1973)

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