Tina Turner – Legendary Rock Women or Ike Turner’s Wife?

Well rock world has got a long list of legends. Some of them also include legendary women who contributed beautifully and exceptionally in the rock music world. Such a name was Tina Turner. Tina Turner, original name Anna Mae Bullock was an American singer, actress and dancer born in the year 1939. She got immense fame as a rock singer who shook the world with her unique music style and remarkable beauty. She started her career in the mid 1950s. She ruled the world successfully with her talent and beauty for more than half a century while she enjoyed numerous awards and recognitions mean while. She was considered the most successful female rock artist.

Ike and Tina Turner

But even Tina Turner was not able to stay away from controversy. This remarkable lady enjoyed a huge success at professional front but faced domestic violence in her married life. She was married to the legendary rock musician of the time Ike Turner. She accused Ike for domestic violence & abuse in her autobiography. She had a split from Ike in the year 1976 and world took this as end of her career.

But this incredibly strong lady stood there as a strong pillar becoming an example for all the women around the world by rocking & shocking the music world again with her shear talent and the rest of the world with her dedication. She enjoyed success even after her divorce and achieved newer heights of success in her life & career. Some critics saw her just as Ike Turner’s wife but she proved the world that she was & she will always be a rocking rock women who can single handedly rock the world with her exceptional music.

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