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UBand: Become Internationally Popular with ShirtHunt.com

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ShirtHunt.com offers an incredible opportunity to rock, punk, metal and other bands to nurture their own bands and musical projects. We also have a reputation in helping individuals advance their solo music careers. Due to the exceptional platform we provide bands, our website regularly hosts quite a large traffic composed of talent scouts, music lovers and other bands. To help you take advantage of the traffic, we will place your information on our website under specially designed section so everyone can learn about you, your band or even orchestra.

If you are looking for an opportunity to market yourself and your music, UBand is exactly what you need! Through ShirtHunt.com, thousands of people can listen to your album, music or sonata and possibly make you as famous as Metallica or The Beatles!

Who Can Submit the Information?

Anybody who is passionate about music, has recorded a solo or is part of a band is welcome to sign up with us. So if you make a beat by playing plastic buckets, breaking dishes, you are also invited to join us. We work under the principle that if you are really good at what you do, people should definitely hear what you got to offer. Just make sure your piece sounds like music or is at least close to it!

What Kind of Info Can I Submit? [1]

  • A short bio of yourself or your band (between 200 and 600 words)
  • Information about your style and musical taste
  • Your contact information: email, phone, etc. (you don’t have to share it though, if you are strict about your privacy)
  • Links to your Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or any other website’s profile
  • Your photos (the more you got the better)
  • YouTube videos
  • Anything else that we didn’t mention but is crucial to your music career

What Is Minimum Information Required?

  • Just make sure you submit your bio and at least one photo.

How Do I Submit My Information?

  • Get in touch with us through our email [email here] with the “UBand” subject and we will gladly handle the rest.

What Kind of Info Will NOT be Accepted?

  • Adult oriented and illegal content
  • Music that is protected by third party copyrights which don’t apply to you
  • Defensive content or content that promotes anything illegal
  • Off-topic content

[1] If we find your information or any part of it inappropriate we will immediately reject it.
[2] We kind ask you to write a unique bio, which is not published anywhere else on the web. Our web masters consistently insist on the importance of this.

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