Unreleased ‘Stinking of You’ (Video) Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Duet

In one of his recent interviews to Fuse TV Eric Erlandson (Hole) told that Kurt Cobain had been preparing material for his solo album and the result supposed to be really cool. For all the Nirvana band fans it would be really interesting to hear something really new and unexpected. They say Kurt had been working on his songs with completely different people.

Eric is the well known musician who participated in lots of musical projects. He knew Kurt in person and he was lucky not only to listen to him but too chat with him, so he was really close to Kurt.

We all know Kurt Cobain was the person with an exceptional talent, for all of us it is a great pity he left us so early and we all wonder what his music might sound like if he was still with us. Fortunately, an unreleased track, ‘Stinking of You’ is available to us.

This is a candid video of Nirvana frontman and his wife can be found in the documentary about Patty Schemel (former drummer of the Hole band). Kurt and Love play with their daughter, they look so happy and devoted to each other.

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