What is Acid Rock?

Rock Music has influenced the world since 1950s. Rock Music has ruled the world with its uniqueness. There are many genres of Rock Music. One of most popular one, especially among youngsters is Acid Rock. This genre of Rock Music is a kind of psychedelic rock. This sub genre Rock Music is supposed to be originated in San Francisco. This music is normally associated with the hippies of the early 60s & 70s. This genre of Rock Music is exemplified by few lyrics incorporated with musical improvisation and most importantly extensive instrumental solos. This genre of Rock Music came into wider picture in the early 1960s. This typical ‘Acid’ term was given to this genre due to a specific reason.

Acid Rock

In the early 1960s this kind of music used to serve for acid trips as the background music during underground parties. At that time the most popular one were the ‘Acid Test’ and ‘Merry Pranksters’. Most of the times, Acid Rock is referred to as the ‘Psychedelic Rock’. The most famous Acid Rock brands the world has got over past include ‘Cream’, ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Jefferson Airplane’, ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’, ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’, ‘Pink Floyd’ and many more.

The musical structure of Acid Rock normally makes it unique among other genres. Its musical structure normally revolves around repetitive themes with choruses, verses along with improvised long instrumental solos. The instruments used in this genre of Rock music include electric guitars, keyboards, vocal line-ups, drums and bass guitar. The wide use of phaser along with some other effects has got this genre of music to higher levels in the world of music.

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