What Songs They Sing in Baroque Pop?

Baroque pop or simply referred to as English Baroque is one the most famous subgenres of rock music. Baroque pop came into existence during the era of early 60s as a result of fusion of classical music with the pop rock. This subgenre basically originated in the United Kingdom and United States of America. Though it started during early 60s but got its popularity in mid 60s. The music got so famous during that time that currently mid 60s era is widely known as Baroque Era.

Baroque Pop

Several rock bands tried their hands with this art form and earned huge success. Some of the prominent names include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, The Left Banke and Love. The Baroque pop enjoyed some diverse characteristics when compared with other genres of rock music. This genre of rock music was intended to be quite less ‘loud & wild’ than the traditional rock music genres of that era. It was kind of more serious as well as a bit ‘mature’ offshoot than other genres of rock music world. A wide range of classical instruments were used in this style of rock music.

But this subgenre of rock music enjoyed short term success and started fading away in 70s with emergence of Hard rock, Disco rock and most specially Punk rock. But later in 90s, the Baroque pop underwent some revivals by some of the leading rock artists of the time like Regina Spektor, Belle & Sebastian and The Divine Comedy which brought it back to the race.

The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin


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