Wilko Johnson – Famous Guitarist Who Fight Cancer

CancerFamous guitarist Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with the pancreas cancer recently. Although he is not a household name but is amongst the list of one of the most influential guitarists in his era. He was quite famous for his unique guitar playing style that was best known as choppy guitar playing way. He is also considered to be one of the people who have contributed significantly and have a major influence in the growth of punk rock. This 65 years old start has chosen not to get any chemotherapy and is still in very good spirit. He also wants to finish one of his album and also has planned a series of goodbye and farewell gigs.

He is best known for his contribution and role in Dr. Feelgood which he left after some time in order to join The Blockheads and Ian Dury. After being associated with them for some time he formed his own rock band Wilko Johnson band which continued to tour till the cancer was detected.

Even after getting diagnosed with Cancer, Wilko didn’t disappoint his fans and assured to carry on his band touring to entertain them. But recently, Wilko Johnson cancelled his tour in which he was going to perform at Canvey Islands. The reason behind this cancellation of tour is his ill health. These shows were supposed to be almost the last shows of his legendary career but given his health conditions he would not be able to perform in these shows.

Wilko Johnson discusses his cancer [YouTube Video]

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