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A bag is usually confused with lady’s handbag but it has got a wider sense of meaning. A bag is typically a tool in the form of a container, non rigid that can be used to carry things safely. The origin of bags is quite hard to find since there are early evidences of bags being used that were made of woven plant fiber or animal skin whose edges were fold as well as secured to carry things. Bags have been considered a fundamental element in the progression of human civilization since early times.

Bags are used for containing things, carrying things, transporting products and many more functions. The handbags for ladies have become an important & undistinguishable element of a lady’s attire. Bags come in various types, forms, sizes and styles that serve different tasks as per the call of the hour. Further these days’ bags also come with usability and reusability factors keeping eco-friendly factor in mind.

There are different types of bags according to the need. All of the types of bags are as follows Bin Bags, Antistatic Bags, Bag in Box, Book Bag, Burn Bag, Bulk Bag, Diplomatic Bag, Duffel Bag, Drawstring Bag, Handbag / Purse, Gunny Bag, Messenger Bag, Paper Bag, Money Bag, Plastic bag, Satchel Bag, Popcorn Bag, Plastic Bag, Sling Bag, Thermal Bag, Shopping Bag, Tote Bag, Body bag, Travel Bag etc.

These days the new trend of logo imprinted bags is also hitting the market ardently. These bags are majorly used by companies as a mode of promotion.