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A beanie is a kind of winter cap. Earlier it was made from wool only but now with increase in its demand & need of fashion houses, cross formulation resulted in formulation of beanie from other kind of fibers as well that includes rayon, cotton and moreover cashmere as well. There are broadly two categorizations of Beanies which have got further sub divided. These categories and sub categories are as follows –

Beanie by Style – Beanie by style gets divided into 3 major parts which are as follows –

  • Brimless Beanie – These beanies have become famous with American fraternities. These fraternities usually incorporated the color of their school with their beanies (skullcap) and flaunt it with pride.
  • Brimmed Beanie – These are widely famous with mechanics, blue collar workers, welders and other kind of laborers which can’t make use of large brims like those of baseball caps since that will be quite obstructive according to their work.
  • Folded Brim Beanies – These gained their popularity in mid of 20th century. Such beanie incorporates a beanie having one section of cap folded up (most of the times to one inch & half).

Beanies for Sports Fans – These beanies are purely for sports lover. These are –

  • Sports Beanie – These beanies are for sports lover and come in various types, colors and sizes as well. These beanies come for various teams like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and many more.
  • NASCAR Beanie – As name implies, these Beanies are for hardcore NASCAR fans. These come in for different drivers of NASCAR. Supporters can choose according to driver or team they support for.