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A hat is simply a head covering but having diverse usage over different areas for dissimilar times or as per the call of the hour. It also offers different services depending on the user. It can be worn as religious reasons or for ceremonies or even for covering your head for protection against some elements or simply shield from sunlight. These days’ hats have become the major component of fashion accessories. But in past, hats were used for two major purposes – as a social status and a military symbol.

The history of hats start very long ago since the 1st pictorial portrayals of a hat basically appears in the paintings of the tomb of Thebes. One more early evidence came from Pileus. It is supposed that the patron saint St. Clement was the one who discovered wool felt that proved out as a base for modern day hats.

But it was the 16th century when hats became quite popular and a regular day wearing accessory for males as well as females. The embellished hats are supposed to be started from the later 18th centuries when hats with trimmings, laces and other accessories were crafted.

But gradually it was the first half of 19th century where hats came to limelight since they became an indistinguishable part of portraying one’s status - a symbol of high society. The women’s hat became more embellished with flowers, ribbons, gauze trims and feathers to portray their feminist feature while men’s hats remain plain and firm to show their dominance.

Till date hats are a must part of dressing code for majority of royal families and are a big fashion statement for a layman.