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A hoodie is also termed as a hooded sweatshirt. It is basically a normal sweatshirt with a hood (a muff that is sewn to sweatshirt’s lower front with a drawstring to fiddle with the hood opening). Hoodies are a common wear these days and are a hot favorite since these provide a stylish look. Even celebs love wearing hoodies to flaunt their style.

Hoodies can be traced back to earlier times of Medieval Europe. This was the time when the clothing for Monks used to incorporate a long hood (decorative most of times). This hood was termed as a cowl and was attached to robes or a tunic. In general wear, the hooded sweatshirts were first developed in the early 1930s by USA. Actually the modern day hooded sweatshirts have taken their initiation from those produced by Champion in the era of 30s since the company crafted these with a purpose to protect their laborers from freezing temperatures who used to work in the upstate of New York for them. The name ‘Hoodie’ started being used widely in 90s.

The hoodie fashion took off mainly in the mid 70s. Various factors contributed to its success mantra. The major one being the Hip Hop culture that developed in the same time in New York City. Along with it, the high fashion figures & designers making use of hoodies also contributed to its success widely. But the biggest credit to blockbuster hit movie Rocky where the hoodie was used widely and hoodie sweatshirts became a hit with the release of the movie.