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Long Sleeves shirts are always in fashion, despite what season or trend is going on. These serve the professional look, causal look and cool look for a person efficiently depending on the occasion. These are shirts with full sleeves that cover arms. These are a hot favorite among people especially office goers and professionals.

Today we are incorporating some of the rare known facts to provide you with an insight to long sleeves shirts history and present.

  • The world’s oldest preserved garment found is actually a linen shirt with full sleeves and that belongs to an era of 3000 B.C which is really unbelievable. This linen sleeved shirt is considered extremely sophisticated and is supposed to be found from Tarkan’s First Dynasty Egyptian tomb.
  • The long sleeves shirts were considered a wearing garment for high class society only and were used as a symbol to distinguish this high society from labor and working class.
  • The 18th & 19th century is the prime time when lots of changes took place in the style of long sleeve shirts which could be imagined as the foundation of present day shirts used. It was this time when women also started to make use of sleeve shirts.
  • There are broadly 2 types of shirting fabric used – manmade fiber and natural fiber.  But cotton is the majorly used shirting fabric till date while the first ever used one was linen.
  • The sleeved shirts were always considered very elegant and suave but until 20th century these were considered an important garment piece only for men.