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Censored T-shirts are those pieces of clothing which have been, due to specific reasons, subjected to legal challenges. In some area, a ban is imposed to wear such t-shirts while in some areas, the selling or promoting such t-shirts is restricted. The restriction is imposed after declaring such piece of clothing inappropriate or illegitimate.

These t-shirts are regular garment having some picture or slogan on it which is considered unlawful, provoking or inappropriate to wear publicly by government of any region. But such t-shirts have gained quite popularity among people, especially youngsters and teenagers who love to make use of such tees to make a way for their own bold statement and to protest against the system. There have been many incidents in past. Some of such Censored T-shirts examples globally are as follows –

  • The biggest anarchy created by a t-shirt worldwide was due to Cradle of Filth band. The band was prosecuted for making use of t-shirt that says, “Jesus is a c**t” during late 90s.
  • In 2006, April, a worker from Conservative party was threatened of arrest for wearing ‘‘Bollocks to Blair’’ t-shirt that was found quite provoking.
  • During the Iraq War time, the t-shirts with slogan “Anti – George W. Bush” or with picture of Bush with quote “International Terrorist” were widely used and created a chaos.
  • Recently t-shirts with quote “Obama – A Terrorist Friend” were banned by USA.
  • Anti Police t-shirts were also banned but still people have not stopped making use of them with slogans “ACAB” means “All Cops are Bastards”.