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There are many types of women t-shirts available in the market. These can be broadly divided into 3 major parts which further gets subdivided. These are…

Style – The style of tops means their shape & design. These are -

  • Basic – The basic kind of a women top is a simple t-shirt.
  • Embellished – These tops have some embellishments over it but crafted other than ink. It can be thread work, embroidery or stones etc.
  • Graphics – These are the tops that have some image printed on its front or back.

Sleeves – Tops further get divided depending on the length & type of sleeves as -

  • Sleeveless – These are usually referred to as Tank Tops. Such tops leave the shoulders of wearer bare. These have thin or thick straps over the area of shoulders.
  • Cap Sleeve – These are kind of semi sleeveless since the sleeves cover only the top of shoulder but under the arm and around it area is left bare. The shape of cap varies according to style and design. 
  • Long Sleeves – These are full sleeve t-shirts same as of a man’s sleeved shirt.
  • Short Sleeves – These cover almost half of person’s upper arm.
  • 3/4th Sleeves – As name implies, these cover 3/4th part of women’s arms means a little below women’s elbow.

Neck Shapes – The division of tops is done on the basis of neck line it has -

  • Round Neck – These are tops with round clean neck.
  • V Neck – These are tops with neck of shape of ‘V’ alphabet.
  • Scoop Neck – These are tops that have a wide & low neckline.