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Funny T-shirts presenting one liners and comic cartoons have becomes an ardent way these days to express the witty side of your personality. Such t-shirts come in various forms and styles and reflect the personality of the wearer. Even celebrities choose to wear such clothes and some even improvise it with a trademark style of their own. Some of the recent hot trends in clothing humor are:

Funny Slogans – These are the most favorite ones since these incorporate some funny slogans encrypted over them like “Earth is Full, Go Home”. Such t-shirts are famous among college goings, teenagers, and fun loving people. Even some celebrities are making frequent use of such t-shirts with funny slogans.

Punk Slogans – These are for those who want to add punk style & look to their personality. I recently come across a cool punk t-shirt saying “Punk is not Dead, it’s just resting”. Such t-shirts speak of punk quotes and come in styles and colors that connect the wearer to the latest in punk fashion trends.

Cartoon T-Shirts – These are always hot favorite and people of all ages love to wear them for casual look. People get t-shirt with their favorite cartoon over it and use it as a casual wear or even for general friends’ parties and get together. The hot favorite always remains Tom & Jerry t-shirts. Some celebs love to show their cartoon love with these.

Marijuana T-Shirts – These are typical t-shirts with marijuana funny quotes. This has become a status symbol for people who love to show their rebellious side to the world. Even college going teenagers are in love for these t-shirts and are a hot favorite for club parties or night outs.

There are many more funny t-shirt styles available in market and on internet.