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Goth rock, also known as Gothic rock or simply Goth is a musical sub genre of blend of ‘Alternative rock’ and ‘Post Punk rock’ genres. This sub genre came to existence during the late 70s. Goth rock is supposed to have strong & firm ties to the English Punk rock as well as the emerging Post Punk during 70s era. But Goth punk genre was successfully explained as the diverse movement from the classic punk music in the early 80s due to the noteworthy stylistic deviation of Goth from the classic punk and thus becoming a whole new Rock Music genre by itself.

The term Goth Music was used for the first time by the John Stickney, a Critic and he used the term for the band The Doors, with a purpose to explain the band’s music in 1967. From that time, Goth went through many changes till date. But the typical instruments those, were and are, being used in Goth music, even after some major variations in the style of Goth, are Bass Guitar, Electrical Guitar, Drum Machines, Drum, keyboards and Synthesizers.

The Gothic Music is supposed to be widely influenced from Gothic literature of 19th century in not only music but also in fashion. Even after some gradual changes with time, the current Goth is still inspired by the earliest one in terms of its features that include –Joy division high pitched bass lines, scything & diverse guitar patterns, tribal & hypnotically dirge like beats. The melodic part always gets usurped by lament and dirge beats creating a horror based premise.