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One of the early & most famous rock music genres is Heavy Metal. This is the rock music genre that came into existence very short after the rock music gained its popularity at global front. The exact time is not there but it is supposed to come into subsistence in between 60s and 70s era, first in the United Kingdom and then in the United States of America.

Heavy Metal has got its root to the classic Psychedelic rock and Blues Rock music. The music form of Heavy metal is well accredited for providing a massive thick sound that is characterized by extended guitar solos, highly amplified distortion, overall loudness and some hard emphatic beats. The lyrics as well as performances of heavy metal are gradually related with machismo and masculinity. This is something that has not changed over the years with Heavy Metal.

The early bands that got famous to make use of Heavy Metal include legendary names like deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. These bands attracted huge audiences and depredation from critics. This is a status (of having loving fans and hatred critics) which has been associated with Heavy Metal music ever since its origin and nothing has changed in current time.

In the mid 70s, the heavy Metal underwent some aggressive changes with Judas Priest discarding majority of Blues influence and with Motorhead introducing Punk music sensibility with speed to it. These proved out to be a strong foundation for the current style of Heavy Metal that is being adapted by the Heavy music bands of current era.