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Two things that have greatly influenced the modern day movie style is, first the commencement of classic cinematography in US’s movies and second is Cult film era. The conventional Hollywood cinema with classical cinematography represents the time when both sound & visual style got started to be used ardently for the purpose of making movies, Motion Pictures precisely. This was the mode of production that was used in America during the time of 1927 and 1963. This is the period which is referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’.

During the early initiating time of this Golden Age of Hollywood, the cinematographers were actually the directors and the person holding the camera, as well. This era of US movies is famous for taking the lightening torch from the era of Silent movies and showing the world a whole new epoch of Motion Pictures.

Cult movies are the second factor in making the Hollywood what it is today. These movies also belong to time of early 20s when the first cult movies came out in 1922 with the name Nosferatu. Cult movies are broadly referred to as Cult Classic. These are the movies that have a cult following. The major reason behind such a success of cult movies is purely its fan base, an elaborated sub-culture that gets engaged in quoting dialogues, repeated viewing along with wider range of audiences participation. 

The major success of these two movie forms is somehow considered the foundation step for current era of Hollywood movies and their success.