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Pop Art is one of the most famous yet controversial art movements that came into existence in the mid 50s, first in Britain and then in United States of America. This art movement is more seen as a challenge that it provides to orthodox traditions & culture of fine art. The biggest difference between both the movements is considered addition of imagery that are inspired from famous culture like news, ads etc. Pop art usually makes use of process of visualizing material that has got some alterations in terms of its isolation or context (or both).

Pop art is the major part of mass culture like comic books, advertising campaigns and everyday cultural objects. It is seen more as an interpretation to abstract expressionism as well as a wide expansion to them. This art form is famous for employing images of quite famous and elitist culture as well. The core aim of Pop art remains to emphasize on the kitschy or banal elements of any specific culture, majority of times with use of an irony.

The Pop art has gained immense populace with time and currently is a hot favorite option for people, not only for comics and ads purpose but also to represent any sort of protest via internet media.