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One of the most rebellious rock music form & genre is Punk Rock Music. This is a music genre which was developed between the time of 1974 & 1976 in the regions of USA, UK and Australia. Punk music is supposed to have got roots from the Garage rock music genre.

Punk music got its fame in the late 70s worldwide. The bands which got specialty in this music genre got referred to as ‘Punk Bands’ and got famous for creating hard edged and fast music, having short songs with stripped down light instrumentation. The major feature associated with punk rock that got it such fame was the title of being ‘Rebellious’. Punk bands were the first ones in the century to make use of music at worldwide level to show rebel against politics with their anti-establishment lyrics.

The first time term “Punk” was used in early 70s and that was in relation to rock music. This was done by American critics in order to explain Garage bands along with their followers. From that time to present time, the Punk rock is widely accredited for producing a wave of musical movement, something that changed the course of rock music heavily. Even punk music has faced some changes with due course of time but the core nucleus still remains the same.

The famous punk rock bands that have been considered legends include names like – Green Day, Blink 182, Rise Against, Sum 41, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Offspring, Simple Plan, The Clash, My Chemical Romance and etc.