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Rock music or simply saying Rock & Roll is a genre of music that was originated in the early 50s in United States of America. This music genre has become, over the decades, “The Most Popular Music Form”.

The rock & roll music has gone through various changes over last many years but still has got a trademark amenity that will last forever with it. The history of rock music lays back in the early 50s era in USA. The rock music after its origin got famous widely across the world. The initial rock incorporated numerous afro-American music genres of the time like Gospel Music and Rhythm & Blues.

The Rhythm & Blues was first ever played by a Disc Jockey, Alan Freed from Cleveland Ohio. Rock music world has provided the world with numerous legends but the foremost was, is and will always be the Elvis Presley – The King of Rock Music world.

There are numerous genres and sub genres of rock music world. The rock music has changed big time over the years with evolution of many rock genres.

Not only in past, but rock music has got a big impact on current times too. The legends like Michel Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Jack White etc have changed the lives of people unexpectedly. Some take the rock music as an inspiration while some take it down as a rebellion but the impact is undoubtedly huge.